take away they’re money and they will crumble

The recession has hit, and it seems like Britain is going crazy trying to save money, scrimping and scraping because the prices of such food and other necessities has sky rocketed.

What I can’t seem to understand is the fact that my family have been scrimping and saving since I took my first breath out of the womb, and now suddenly Britain is freaking out because they can’t go to Milan 3 times this year or have to sell the Mercedes.

My father recently lost half his job as the recession hit, meaning that he is only earning half of what we had last year. My mother sits at this moment on the living room carpet sorting through files and documents from past years, and finds a pay slip of my fathers’ reading £21,000. My Dad takes hold of the slip and cries, ‘where the hell did that go?’ We haven’t been on holiday in over 5 years now, things that are essential for school, work and college for me and my sisters are out of the question because we just can’t afford it, and the simple estate car used everyday for my dad to go to and from work, and once on the weekend for shopping, simply drains half our fund; you call that living in luxury?

Now with less than £13.000 this year we have to use our heads to really think of something new to save money. Things like recycling help us, using all the peelings and cut offs of fruit and vegetables either go to the pets or compost, bottles and papers are either put into recycling or re-used for day-to-day chores and jobs. The calculator is a big help when going food shopping, my mother looking at pennies here and pennies there saved. In the long run actually make the difference. Things that shock people now, like switching to non brand-named items, I have lived on all my life; you could save pounds at the end of your receipt if you look. Instead of buying a 4 pack of Heinz beans buy 4 separate non brand named, e.g. Asda own, Tesco’s own, you could save up to a pound doing that alone, think about all the things you buy every week; by choosing ones without the pretty wrapper, you may be able to go to Milan twice this year if you’re lucky.

I understand a lot of the people in Britain are like myself, and weren’t brought up with a silver spoon in their mouth, and lived comfortably before the recession hit, but you need to realise those people are hit a lot harder than others. If you are the jet-setters to New York or Milan, and go every year, then I am sure the recession is hitting you pretty hard; the sudden change of life-style something totally new to you. I am sure you need a lot of help. When you go to the scrimpers and savers, be humble as we have worked and clawed our way to live the way we do, well surviving, in some circumstances. Fair enough no one is better than another, but don’t come with the attitude of, I’m holy-ier than thou, or I can promise you, we probably won’t be willing to help arseholes who think they are better because they own a JAGUAR. If you’ve opened your eyes you realise now that the recession has hit, we are all alike, all having to change, all trying to save money wherever possible.

We need to pull together and look past the differences in each other and except the situation as it is; a big f**k up on the government’s behalf. Now as we all agree that it’s not our fault but unfortunately affects us, look to the other as yourself, needing a little help and understanding. This should bring you closer as a whole to believe that a little money needs to stretch a long way, and for the same circumstances, a little understanding and compassion can go a long way too.