Taken Film Review



Everything in this film is done very well, including directing, filming, acting etc. The tense thriller lacks boring scenes and focuses on it’s many action scenes where Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) absolutely destroys all.

The top actors of this movie are Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills (The Dad) ; Maggie Grace as Kim (The Daughter) ; and Famke Janssen as Lenore (The Mum). I have to say Liam Neeson took on a tough roll and delivered even though a stunt double would have done most of the action.


Bryan Mills is a retired specially trained goverment sercurity guard. He has split up with his wife and his daughter lives with her and the Mum’s husband. Bryan longs to have his 17 year old daughter sleep over at his house and is prepared to travel the world for it. 

Conveniently, she goes missing on a holiday to Paris with her friend Amanda, when she tells a local boy where she is staying (bad idea). She is on the phone to her Dad when she is taken, so he knows whats going on. He warns the kidnappers to let her go or he’ll kills who’s behind it all, but they just wish him “good luck”.

So he travels to France to try and find her. He picks up his clues by interorgating victims, and at one point he leaves a baddie on a switch on electric chair until someone finds him – although he had killed everyone within a 50m radius.


My favourite part of this film is when he has to raid a boat, of which he pwns all inside. I guess at some points this movie is unrealistic, he kills at least 50 armed men alone, however, unrealism makes it more enjoyable.

To conclude, this tense thriller is action over-loaded, well made and fun to watch, 5 out of 5!


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