Taking Your Friendship To New Levels

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When your relationship has already been established, it may be the time to bring in new things. The only important thing that will sustain your friendship or any other relationship that matters is to begin to do different things together. This is why you will find that people from one family live together; it is because they normally share some experiences. They partake to special events together such as Thanksgiving dinner. They have things that they can make together such as common jokes or places they may have visited together. They have cried, wept and laughed together.

When you begin to do things together with your friends, you will grow closer with them. This works well especially in friendship. This is also where the phrase comes in – people are friends through thin and thick.

As you grow together, you can begin to share new experiences. The rule is that you always have something in common with him regardless of how he may seem too different from you outside. It may be something such as eating, movies or golf. As you begin to talk about many things, you will come to know what you love to do together. Then you can begin to plan to do these things together. If you love traveling, you can begin to make plans on how to visit a holiday destination, you can even trek there if you wish to. It can be interesting if you can make people join you because anything is good whenever it is done in company.

You can plan to do these new things often. If there is an eatery that is the talk of the town, you can try it out. If he invites you first then you will reciprocate, if you are the one who invited him, then he has to invite you back. If anyone of you fails to reciprocate then something is not going on well. This is because you have to take time to know one another. You can do something together like dinner or things that are more important. If the other person is not reciprocating, it means that you may be taking things too fast and you have got to slow down for now.