Talisman,what is it,and how it works?

Talisman mean some sort of special amulet ,with magical effects(but may not contain such black magic,or spells)to get some desired purposes in a short time,or having good luck and support of some kind of spiritual creatures,somebody may call it Voodoo but this Talisman is not such typical voodoo as believed.

God has given human many powers which he can use for the benefits of mankind and for all the creatures on this earth and universe.Some powers directly relates to his body such as sight,taste,smell,touch and hearing senses which are known as five senses.Almost every human on this earth has these powers with some differences higher or lower scales,but some people are blessed by the God with some spiritual powers and scenses.Many people has some sort of extra ordinary spiritual powers naturally given by God and some people polish this ability by some kind of Spiritual Pracrices like meditation and prayer.In fact these powers directly relates to the soul or spirit of a person blessed to him by his personal efforts and by the grace of God.Some people have more spiritual powers than others which he gets by birth from his forefathers spiritually and some persons have to do some special practices to attain these qualities.The fact is that how that person gain these powers and how he uses it in practice? some persons want to use it for bad purposes and for the lose of human kind,they do wrong practices by calling evil spirits and that evil spirits invoke them to do all bad,wrong and filthy practices in real and at last that evil satanic spirits harm them even to death or consciousness lost,while the persons who practice good deeds and work for the benefit of human kind by the best use of God given spiritual powers get heavenly rewards in their lives and after their death.

Material problems produces bodily diseases such as heart problem,mind problem,some chronic prolonged non-curable diseases like cancer,skin diseases,sight problems and any bodily disease while spiritual problems create both body and soul malfunctioning .It is fact that if some ones soul is weak obviously he will get body diseases more often and quite rapidly than those with strong spiritual soul,even some chronic diseases like cancer can be cured by contemplation and prayers without the help of any medicine.You can stop or get hold on many body problems just by your thinking and meditation.It is quite simple and easy to command your nose not to sneeze which is due to irritation if you have some control on your mind and soul.