Taxi Insurance – Public Liability Insurance Explained

In the UK there are two different types of taxi; the private and the public or Hackney cabs. Private taxis are only available to carry persons who have pre-booked beforehand. The other which needs drivers to have public hire taxi insurance, are named Hackney cabs or Hackney carriages are free to be hailed or flagged down on the street.

You will notice a Hackney cab usually displaying a sign or beacon on the roof. If the light is on, then the taxi is available to pick you up. Public hire taxi insurance is needed for the driver and the paying passenger who uses it. In the UK, drivers are legally bound to have sufficient and correct taxi insurance, whether that be public hire taxi insurance or other.

The reasons for taxi insurance are similar to other road users insurance. In the event of an accident, legal costs will be covered and the costs of the damaged vehicles. If there is any injury to humans during an accident, having the correct liability insurance will help pay for medical costs or the injured party missing out on employment.

Not only is it an offence to drive a taxi without public hire taxi insurance but the driver’s license and taxi badge will be revoked. The driver also has a duty to fill as the pilot of the vehicle therefore their credibility and integrity are at stake. Having the correct insurance will also put the paying customer’s mind at ease, as they will know they are covered should an accident occur.

With the popularity and accessibility of the internet nowadays, buying taxi insurance online is very easy. Simply fill in a few details and quotes will be immediately posted up on the screen. What’s more, comparison websites can show the taxi driver many quotes from different insurance providers at one time. This makes it quicker to find a quote which suits.

Public hire taxi insurance is vitally important for Hackney cab drivers. Not only is it a legal requirement but it keeps the customer and the driver covered for accidents.