Teacher Are Too Young in New York City


The education system in New York is the worst we have teacher that are very young and that don’t care about the student or what they do in the class at one point I heard a teacher say that she was here for the check how can this be what are we showing our children what future can a child make if he doesn’t even know where he or she is going what job to get what college to go to if they don’t have the guidence of getting there I live in the brooklyn area and there was a case one that the Head master of the school said to me that I need to make an appointment because she felt that because my child was being bully it wasn’t important but mean while she parks her 2010 Mazda RX7 in the school yard and doesn’t want anyone to hit it with the ball or anything she is always checking her cars what kind of Head master is this in the school P.S.206 she know who she is because she doesn’t care the only time they do is when you get the Community District involved that is when they start to put some action toi the problem We need to stop getting all these young teacher in our New york school system I met alot of teacher and some are crazy and some just want to have too much fun this is not behavior for a teacher to act why won’t the city of new york do something about this when will all this stop