Teacher's Best

        Many lives today were ruined because they didn’t listen to their teachers. Many teenagers were involved in fraternities. How could they begin their better lives if they wouldn’t go to school. What will happen to their lives?

         We all know that teachers are the one who teaches us at school. They are the reason why we learn so many things, the reason why we are becoming curious of things around us. But not just the people who teaches us at school are the only teachers of the world. It also includes other people, like our mother, they are our first teacher. They teaches us how to walk, sometimes they play with us and that’s another way to teach children.

          Teachers are very important in our lives. They are one of the people in the world that influenced our lives. Oh how could we live without them. They deserve the blessings our Almighty God gave because of their hard work and love for their students.

          Teachers play a very important role in our lives. In times we need their help, they are always there for us. Because of them we have chances to beautify our future. Because of them, we are saved from all of those fraternity groups, the society that will cause our lives to end. They are the one who gives us strength and faith in every step of our way. They will always be there when we need them.

           We should learn to love our teachers. They are not just ordinary people who comes into our lives. They touches our lives in a very special way. Even me, they change my life. How could I be something of I didn’t learn anything. They improvise my life with all of those medals and ribbons I received.

           Let us love the teachers for their support and gratitude they offer for us. Let us all say “I Love My Teacher”.