Television Advertising

Any small business can benefit from television advertising, but only if it is done right. The price is going to be an issue, of course, but the quality of your ad will make a huge difference too. A smart business owner knows to put some money into advertising, but they are not always sure what type. Local ads can really pay off, as you really gain nothing from national ads, and they cost way too much for the average new business owner. Use good talent, find the right stations, pick good target times for airing, and run your ad more than a few times.

Almost all stations in your area run national commercials. These are expense. However, you may have noticed that there are local ads on right after them. These are usually near the end of the commercial run right before the show in question comes back on, but not always. These are the spots for television advertising that you want. If you call your local stations, they can all quote you on price based on how many ads you want to run and how long you want them to be. They can also quote you a price to produce your advertisement if you want to have them help you with that as well.

Before you write your ad, think about what type of television advertising you want to do. Many local commercials in my area have a hint of humor, and they go over really well. It depends on your business though, as some things are just not humorous. If you have a funeral home, for example, you may not want to go with a television advertisement that is funny. Instead, you want serene, peaceful, and comforting. If you go with fun, don’t make it too corny though, as that is a turn off as well.

Make sure the talent used in your television advertisements is attractive. This does not mean you want to models in your ads. This means the people that you choose should look sincere, have a good aura about them, and should look natural in front of a camera. Looks are irrelevant as long as someone is pleasant to look at. Many people respond better to people that look like their neighbors, not fashion models. Local commercials work best with ‘real’ people. You can also decide you want to be in your ad, but make sure you feel at ease with it, or you will come across as stiff and unfriendly in your television advertising.

Run your ads on the right stations at the right times. Anyone producing or placing ads for you can tell you when these times may be. If you are selling something towards children, you want to get moms attention. She may be home during the day, so place your television advertising where she may see it midday. If you have a business that rents out construction materials, evening or weekend is best, as that is when those in construction may be more likely to be home watching television. Most stations that produce ads can guide you in the right direction when it comes to ad placement.