Telling The Truth Will Set You Free

Yes, everyone lies. You do, your closest friend does, and your parents do. Why? To cover up all the imperfections in the world? Probably. It takes you a step back if think about how many lies you were told today. A number that would be impossible to calculate, I am sure. Even the media exaggerates to tell a better story or a waiter at a restaurant will lie to get you to order something more expensive. Is there any truth in the world?

If you think back a few decades, even a century ago, people got along way better. They were not focused on how the person in the mirror looked or who am I going to date next. They didn’t care for models or celebrities. Our lives have become so complex that we rely on lying to be seen as a better person and to avoid a difficult situation. We lie to get positive recognition and to gain promotions. People even lie so they can have a night with another love interest, leaving their loved ones wondering. We have become inhumane. There are very few genuinely kind and caring people left in this world. In fact, there are people using non-profit organizations, not to help people, but for their own personal gain. It is disgusting.

Now, look yourself in the mirror and think about all the lies you have told. I bet most of them were not even necessary. They could of easily been replaced with a simple conversation with the person. There is nothing wrong with being apologetic. If you did something wrong, apologize. If more people took this simple advice, we would live in such a better place. Can you imagine how different politics would be, if they, for once, told the truth? America would again be a place where dreams come true.

I try to live my life without the need to lie. If a situation happens where I made a mistake, I have no problem omitting to it, and apologizing. The problem is fixed right there and then, rather than lingering for weeks, until someone realizes or catches you. Then, the issue becomes an argument and arguments are never fun or enjoyable, so why set yourself up for one?

So, Truth or Dare?

If you picked truth, 60 percent of people lie at least once during a 10-minute conversation and tell an average of two to three lies.

If you picked dare, go an entire day without telling one single lie. Don’t over exaggerate a story and don’t kiss your bosses butt. If you have to, say what your going to say in your head first.

It is incredibly difficult because your so used to just saying whatever comes to you, but sometimes you think faster than you can speak and you accidentally exaggerate a response.