Ten Tips For Being A Good Shopper


Shopping for back to school clothes, church outfits, party and prom dresses and suits for job interviews may be an enjoyable experience. But it can become stressful, especially for the sales associates.

As a fitting room attendant in a large designer discount store my co-workers and I have often complained among ourselves about the behavior and attitudes of some of our customers.

Here are some suggestions to keep you from being one of those shoppers.

1.. Try to do your shopping early or late in the day. Stores are the most crowded and busy in the middle of the day and not able to provide quick, courteous service to every customer. The pressure of trying to do so may cause associates to be irritable.

2. If you have to shop during lunch breaks or have limited time after school or work and can use two days, make your selections on one day and come back to purchase them on another.

3. Don’t get upset if you are in a line at the cash register or having trouble getting a workers attention. Be patient and wait your turn or if you haven’t time to wait, leave and return when the store is less busy. Avoid making a scene or butting in front of other customers.

4. When you are looking at merchandise, treat it carefully. Often expensive clothing is damaged by the careless handling of customers. If you drop something, pick it up. Rehang clothes and refold sweaters.

5. Do not open sealed packages. If you have a question about a size, ask an associate for assistance.

6. When you are ready to try on clothes, please use the restroom first. Fitting rooms are not equipped with toilets.

7. Find the location of the fitting room and ask the attendant how many pieces of clothes you may bring in at one time. Then, bring only that amount into the fitting room with you. The fitting rooms have limited space to hold excess items and they may become mixed up with merchandise being put back on the sales floor.

8. If you are shopping with friends, have one of them hold your shopping bags from other stores and personal belongings. The attendant cannot keep up with everyone’s’ items and book bags and backpacks are not allowed into the stalls.

9. Estimate your size and take one sample of an item you like. There is no need to take one of every size and color.

10. Bring all items back out to the attendant when you have finished. Hang clothes, (right side out please) when possible and return all hangers for items you wish to purchase. Do not leave garbage in the stalls.

The most important tip I will give you is to use good manners. Say please and thank you and treat the store personnel with respect, as a peer. They are not your personal servants.

If you follow these tips, your shopping experience will be enjoyable. You will want to return to the store and the associates will be glad to see you.