Tesco Hair Mousse

I have always had a wavy kink in my hair but as I have got older and my hair longer it seems to have gone a lot curlier. I have finally given up trying to straighten my hair everyday as the slightest bit of moisture in the air and it goes back to being curly. Have been using this hair mousse for a good few weeks now and have found that it works very well at adding body to my hair and helping the curls look slightly more sleek and less frizzy.


The mousse comes in a blue metal canister and has the Tesco logo on the top with the product name below this. There is a pink swirl around the middle of the canister and below this is states that the mousse is for maximum hold. The back of the canister has all of the product information on.

The top of the canister has the usual top which can be found on all brands of mousse. It is plastic and to activate it you just need to push the side down and the mousse comes out of the other side through a thin nozzle. There is a plastic lid which sits over this to protect it.


It is very simple to use the mousse. Before using though it should he given a very good shake. The mousse comes out of the nozzle with ease and forms a good light white foam. The foam does slightly dissolve when it comes into contact with another hand or the hair. There is a smell to the mousse which I did find strong but it does not last for very long so I can over look this.

The mouse is easy to apply to hair and you can either do this to wet or dry hair. I find that applying a good covering to damp hair before it dries helps to add body to it. There is no hardness to the hair once it has dried. When my hair is dry if I just put a small amount to the ends of my hair every morning it helps to define the curls and make it fizz disappear. When the mousse has been used on dry hair it does go slightly hard when dry but this is easy to stop by lightly brushing it through. By doing this I have found the hair still keeps is sleek look and shape but the hardness has gone.

The mousse is very easy to brush out of the hair and it does not leave any residue or flaky white bits which is a very good bonus. I find my hair feels just as clean and fresh once I have brushed it all out and I don’t get left with the feeling on needing to re-wash it.

The one downside to the mousse is the smell and feel it leaves on hands. I always have to wash my hands a good few times after use to get rid of the smell as this is very off putting if trying to eat or make school dinners. There is a tacky feel to my skin once I have used the mouse but this does go after one wash.


The mousse comes in a canister size of 200ml and for me using this daily I get roughly 1 month from each canister so for me it is very good value.

There are some warnings on the back of the canister which include keeping out of reach of children, storing in a cool dry place and to use in well ventilated areas. There is also the warning that the mousse might stain clothes if it comes into contact with them but I am always getting this on the carpet or clothes and have never had a single stain.

The product ingredients are:-

Aqua, Propane, PVP/VA Copolymer, Butane, Isobutane, Polyquarternium-11, PEG-40, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Cocamide DEA, Parfum, Benzophenone-4, Panthanol, Alcohol Denat


This is a Tesco own brand product so it is only available in their stores. It is priced under £1 so is excellent value.


I would love to be able to give this the full 5 stars but I have had to drop one due to the over powering smell. The smell does not last long so don’t let it put you off trying. The mousse is very effective and is easily brushed out of the hair. I think this is one for all people with curly hair to try and also those trying to put some body into their straight hair. A good solid 4 star product.