Texas AC Services Abound to Help Texans Battle Heat

AC Texas(air conditioning) services help Texans battle their hot and varied climate across the state. From the arid dusty heat of the northern plains area to the humid sub tropical and tropical climates of south Texas, air conditioning plays an important part in a Texans comfort. To avoid an expensive Texas air conditioning repair, Texans should invest in an annual preventative Texas AC maintenance inspection.

A preventative AC Texas maintenance inspection involves a complete review of the residential or commercial AC system installed. It doesn’t matter what type of equipment is used for cooling because the basic check of the features are the same regardless of AC type. The Texas AC unit being inspected could be a window air conditioner or a commercial high capacity HVAC system. The components checked are the same for each Texas AC system.

Thermostat: The thermostat and temperature sensor(s) for the unit are inspected for proper operation and calibration. An improperly calibrated thermostat can cost the consumer more money in utility bills by running the AC Texas unit inefficiently.

Condensate Drainage: All Texas AC units produce water waste in the from the condensation process used in conditioning the air for cooling. This condensate will drain from tubes in HVAC and central air conditioning unit into the facilities drainage system. Window AC units are slanted so the condensate drains from a hole on the outside of the tray. All drainage is inspected for obstructions. Sludge develops in tubing drainage and usually rust or leaves will block the window AC drainage. These are cleared if present to prevent water damage to the facility from a backup.

Air Handling: This is part of the Texas AC preventative inspection consists of examining and changing or cleaning of the unit’s air filter. A clogged filter inhibits efficient air flow and will cause a unit to overheat and work less efficiently. Duct work is also inspected if part of the AC unit’s operation. Again it is inspected for cleanliness and obstructions.

With this inspection finished and deficiencies corrected you will probably not require the services of a Texas Air Conditioning Repair service for your Texas AC unit.