Thank's God

I am a  usual girl

I have a complete family and good friends too

But my life seems ruin right now

My family is fall

I am a hopeless one right now

But not for my family and my friends too

They all are fight and good for me

I confuse to feel about

Should I be sad or happy about them?

Even when my family know that they were fell,

But they keep try and try…just to make me reach what I want

So do my friends…they always cheer me up and said: Do you need some help?

It makes me pain

Why are they so kind to me?

My tear is falling, make my chick wet

My mind is blank, make everything nonsense for me

One day when I saw a beautiful flower,

I had thought about “Why do the flower always look beautiful?”

It seems flower’s life is better than human’s

Cause they always look beautiful and people always love them

But some days later,

I saw the same flower as before

But what did I see?

I  saw the flower  was faded

Then I’m  pulling back my mind about life

Then I smile, and said: The God is Fair

Now, I’ve got the point, in the world there are sad and happiness

Everyone have their sad and happiness time

There is no one who always happy or sad

Because there is no perfect life, because perfect just belong to God

Thank’s God for making me understand about life

And thank’s for giving me the best family and friends