The 3 Essentials For An Optimal Life- Fun Food & Exercise


Different things are meant to drive different people. The little delights and joys of life are not normally universal. Some people can feel happy when they cook, while others can feel happy by just listening to poems. However, there are 3 things that have been proved to cut across all distances, time and space since they can make every person happy.

These are great fun, good food and exercising.

If you are looking into the ways that you can reach to an optimal level in life, it will be hard for you if you are not able to incorporate these essential components in your own life.


Every person likes to eat, even if the tastes can be different. If someone tells you that he does not like to eat, he must be lying. Each person likes food, even if he may have not yet found out what he likes to eat. Since it is common knowledge that people like food, it is the reason why you will find that people are treated by food each time there is a celebration. You will find out that this is true regardless of the countries or societies around the world.

But this should never mean that you have to hog on food. You do not have to use food as a stress buster. This can be very damaging to your health. If you choose to use food for therapeutic reasons, it will work for some time. However, you will begin to suffer from obesity or any number of health problems that are related to this.

Choose to eat great food, take time to visit all the restaurants, prepare the best recipes in your home and make sure that you have the best time with food but do everything in moderation. You will be able to introduce the best food to be part of achieving the optimal life you want. 


Another aspect that helps people to be happy is to have fun or you can call it entertainment. Some can be happy by just popping a DVD into the DVD player and to watch it when they are relaxing on their couch. Others can be delighted by just visiting unknown places. You can choose to take time to sit down reading your paper back. Whatever you think that brings entertainment or recreation to you, begin to use it. Do not refuse yourself the chances for fun simply because you have too much work to do and that you do not deserve to be happy or to have fun.

If you know what you really want, having fun will never do any harm to you. On the contrary, it can help you to get rejuvenated and you can work better afterwards. You will also be able to meet the deadlines you have if you are able to stay in the limits of your entertainment.


Exercising does not mean to pump iron only, sport is taken as an exercise too and to many people, sport is taken as something integral to their lives. If you have made your life too busy to miss all the childhood games, it is time to bring them back into your life again. You can join a club that plays your favorite games. If you cannot attend every day, try to attend at least once a week. Your life will become more enriched when you begin to do this. You will also be able to meet new people who may become friends. Consider this option if you only have friends from your work since this is a very sorry state you can find yourself in. If you need to go to a movie with only members of your family then consider again to have more friends. You should get friends that you can hang out with without any problem. The most important factor is about getting together and the best way to do this is through sports.

You will be entertained and at the same time, you will gain friends. This is a valuable aspect of your life and you should never downplay it.