The 5 Worst Games Ever

The worst videogames of all time is a really hard thing to nail down. Still, there is a general consensus among the gaming community as to which pieces of flaming crap really epitomize the worst of the industry. In the following list, we will go over the top 5 worst games to ever have disgraced our home consoles (and done damage to an otherwise credible market). Negative reception isn’t enough to top this list, these games will have to have bombed off the shelves, ruined companies, and question the loyalty of die-hard gamers!

#5: The Legend of Zelda CD-i Games

Zelda: Wand of Gamelon, Zelda’s Adventure, and Link: The Faces of Evil, are probably three of the worst decisions Nintendo has ever made concerning one its prominent jewels (Zelda in particular). What sounds like a good idea? Let’s take a highly successful, in-house-produced videogame franchise and allow someone else to ruin its name. The cheesy graphics seem more like an interactive DVD menu than a real game. Dumbed-down gameplay in favor of a marketability toward children appeared to be the ultimate goal, but ended up bringing the series to a whole, new low.

#4: Superman 64

It’s name is synonymous for awful: Superman 64 was lazily put together to rake in money off of our favorite hero’s good name. Controls are sloppy, graphics are terrible, interaction with the environment is limited, and timers are unnecessarily short. You really need to be superman to do well or even understand this clunky sell-out.

#3: Pacman (Atari 2600)

Pacman is a great game that combines addictive play with simple rules and leaves the player satisfied at the end of its course. Oh wait, we are talking about the 1982 console-port aren’t we? What a knockoff piece of crap! A cheap imitation of the great arcade version, Pacman (for the home console) was glitchy, dumbed down, and rushed for market viability. Unlike its expectations, Pacman bombed stores and contributed to the Videogame Industry Crash of 1983.

#2: Custer’s Revenge

When your mother tells you that videogames rot your brains, she is talking about this. This horrible detriment to General George Custer’s reputation (which apparently can be damaged further) features Custer running across a field to rape a Native American woman. While running he has to dodge many arrows flying at him in a predictable pattern. Yup, that is the game. Custer would be ashamed to know the notoriety of his “Last Stand” was ruined by his apparent “Revenge” in 1982.

#1: ET the Extra-Terrestrial

The reason ET deserves the top spot among the worst of all time, is that it goes farther than giving you a lame experience that makes one throw up a little in their mouth (i.e. Custer’s Revenge); ET was the definition of a sellout videogame. The whole marketability of the game by Atari was its lead character, cockily produced in 6 months for the holidays. Still, as popular as that shriveled/tortoise/alien was, fans didn’t buy it. It was rejected by critics and players alike, leading to its (literal) burial in the halls of videogames.

So whether these games were made by people who obviously aren’t gamers themselves (Superman 64) or buried in a New Mexico landfill due to unused product (ET and Pacman), the above have earned their title in the hall of shame. We salute those who serve to establish the crap of the crop!


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