The Affirmative Action As Racism

The most general definition of the “Affirmative Action” would be: preferential treatment of certain groups of people. It is a current world-wide trend that claims to reject racism as a theory of biological separation of human races. The main difficulty posed by such an “action” is that, by means of selecting which group of people is to be treated preferentially, it outlines that specific group and separates it from the other with the help of various criteria.

We can thus state that, within its social manifestation, the “affirmation” of minority groups tacitly springs from the premise it wishes to overcome. This is why the “Affirmative Action” does not prevail over specific differences characteristic to every race, as each (extra-) right differentiates by itself between the people it applies and does not apply to. The “Affirmative Action” succeeds, nonetheless, in creating a paradigmatic status quo: within a competitive organization, it is not the qualification attained through education and experience that matters anymore, bu rather one’s social affiliation. The best man for the job is an economical principle that cannot apply within an “Affirmative Action”-based society.

This very short outline of the discriminatory nature of any “Affirmative Action” is exemplified by the self-blaming attitude specific to every person native to the Occident in what regards former colonies and nations used as slaves. According to the “Affirmative Action”, this attitude is to be surmounted by what, in the end, is nothing more than treating respective minority groups as something we can shape, i.e. thinking in the like of “We’ve hurt you, therefore we’ll heal you”. This principle is discriminatory and it renders any self-emancipation of the people formerly used as slaves short-circuited.

Occidentals treat groups targeted by the “Affirmative Action” as mere slaves once again, only this time they’re slaves that proportionally need to gain access to their owners’ social and economical nexuses. The obsessive parental  (i.e. autocratic) paradigm that Europeans and Americans bear rests unsurpassed.

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