The Basics of Search Engine Optimization (Seo)

If you made the single greatest article of all time and failed to include any SEO, there is a great chance that no one would ever see it. Regardless of how much passion, desire and skill is involved in article writing with no SEO an article is unlikely to ever be found on Google. This is why it is so important to understand SEO.

The greatest article in the world is worthless if no one reads it. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about getting articles found on the internet. When someone goes to Google or Bing and types in “funny cats” good SEO means that it is YOUR article or page about Funny Cats that pops right to the top of the list.

But why should a freelancer care? They are not writing articles for themselves. They are being paid to do a job and then move on. So what are the benefits of good SEO articles to freelance writers?

Professionalism and Pride

Doing a good job is still a reason of its own for many people. If someone pays for an article, a professional should still want the article to do well; even though the result has no direct effect on their pocketbook.

Indirectly professionalism will pay, though. Doing successful jobs for others so that THEY make money will enable them to hire the professional again. And Again. They will tell their friends. A steady workload will be created. As work exceeds time rates will go up. All because a freelancer understood the importance of good SEO articles for the client and acted like a true professional.

Increased Traffic as an Advertisement

Most freelancers have their own web-page, at a minimum. This is the place to showcase their work. If a potential client wants to raise their PageRank (PR) and their results on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) they will likely want to see the freelancer’s body of work. If they check out the Freelancer’s page and see that it does not rank well, it does not show on the SERP for the sites keywords, and seems to be keyword optimized by a blind man on crack, they will search elsewhere.

Writing solid SEO articles acts as a frontline advertisement. What better way to advertise what you can do than by doing it and showing a concrete example. There is simply no better way for a freelancer to show what they can do than by having an example of what has been done.

The Power of Presence and Credibility

As time passes a freelancer will begin to have a portfolio of things that they have done. The more concrete examples of great SEO and flourishing articles that can be shown, the more impressive it becomes. When the freelancer has a very large resume and multiple works that people can see find and see the better it seems. This is the power of presence. A freelancers work is “everywhere” and the client will understand that any work from the freelancer will be of top quality. This is the power of credibility. If a freelancer does his/her best to act like an expert and do quality SEO work, soon enough they BECOME an expert!

A few final thoughts…

In brief the benefits of creating good SEO articles to freelance writers is that it ultimately benefits the writer as much as the people they write for. Professionalism, increased traffic for their personal sites and the power of presence and credibility are all the great reasons to do high quality SEO work.

It all boils down this simple fact: If you write a great article most decent writers want people to read it. The single best way to get people to read it is to understand and implement SEO tactics.