The Basics of Self-Defense For Women

Begin with this basic premise: Your best offense is a good defense. It is of prime importance that you remain alert and keep up your guard when you are in public. Use common sense by avoiding areas that are marginal in safety or not well-lit, and travel in groups of people if possible. Be especially aware to keep alert at areas where your attention can be easily diverted, such as a dark alley or an automatic teller machine. Attackers will try to catch you off guard, and ATM transactions are a classic situation where you are not expecting someone to bother you. You are focused on the money, and you must do your best to keep your peripheral vision up to par.

These suggestions are offered with the ultimate goal of stunning your assailant for the briefest of moments as you attempt to flee. They will not leave the person bowed, bloodied, and unconscious until the police arrive. The moment you notice the attacker struggling, do your best to get away. Try any number of the following suggestions.

Attempt to kick the attacker in the shins. With the minimal amount of muscle, tendon, and flesh surrounding it, the shinbone is quite vulnerable. A well-place kick will cause tremendous pain, no matter what sort of shoes you are wearing.

Try pulling with all your might on the assailant’s hair or ears. Both features will cause extreme discomfort and may result in the person releasing their grip on you. Should your position permit it, a sharp, quick push against the person’s nose will daze them. In either case, use the opportunity to try and run. Do not hesitate.

Thrust your knee upward into the person’s groin or genital area. Due to the sensitivity of the area, your attacker will be unable to pursue you once your execute the maneuver and run away.

One thing you should avoid flailing away wildly with your fists unless you feel that no other viable option is available. Concentrate on hitting the person’s most vulnerable areas, not places like their arms or shoulders. Blows to these areas will do little or no damage. Contrast this with a well-placed stomp on the attacker’s foot or hand.

In conjuction with any one of these maneuvers, attract attention by yelling or screaming at the first opportunity. Some people claim that yelling the word “Fire” is more effective than “Help” or “Attack”. Make noise any way you can, even if it means kicking over trash cans or banging on doors.

One vital point to remember is to practice these strategies in staged scenarios. Get a group of friends together and develop a plan. Discuss what you would do in certain situations. Do not wait for an attack to occur and realize that you have not adequately prepared yourself.

Should you be very interested, contact your local community center for more information. Many times, these centers will offer classes on self-defense that will take these skills to a higher level.

These various moves can be used in tandem or individually. Practicing them and remaining alert will give you a good chance of either avoiding an attack or escaping from one should it occur.