The Best Cars More Expensive Than a Quarter Million Pounds Sterling


For those who have a surplus of money they can spend on precious commodities, the purchase of expensive new car may require some exploration and inspection.

In order to facilitate this task in what follows we review some of the best luxury cars, which increases the price of each one of them 250 thousand pounds sterling as the price lower. The options include the latest innovations that can contain precious car, classic cars and some valuables.

«Cobra»: get the original models of «AC Cobra» on the high prices at auction, it is the result of the strong performance of American and British design excellence.

«Aston Martin»: No humble «Aston Martin» when the disclosure of price model «and 77», defined as one million pounds sterling, in addition to taxes, and thus the total price of up to 1.2 million pounds sterling. However, you’ll be lucky to be able to acquire, as the company will produce only 77 copies only.

Image of luxury cars, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti «Bentley»: will «Bentley» model «Molcan» b 220 000 pounds sterling, but the company will not sell a car these specifications, since the buyer of the car that adds about £ 50,000 for accessories for the best model produced.

«Bristol»: Few know is only necessary to mark the British «Bristol», but who knows testifies to the anxiety. In this context, highlighting the car «Fighter T» which speed reaching 225 miles per hour and its 1012 horsepower and a capacity of 8.0 liters, and the price of £ 359,361.

«Ettore Bugatti»: Ettore Bugatti designed the model with 25 out of the car «Taype 41» or «Royal», but in the end did not make only six of them. It is the largest and most daring of car «Rolls-Royce Phantom», and among the rarest cars in the world.

«Bugatti Veyron»: one of the most exciting cars in the world, it benefits from the power of group «Volkswagen» engineering, to ask the same of its size a monster 1000 hp .. With the right price of course.

«Lamborghini»: Since the beginning «Lamborghini» did not see the world car, such as «Kaparo T-1», mixed with elements of the car «F» 1 Almndhp steroid.

«Enzo»: Although the «599 XXL» is officially the fastest in the race track, the remaining «Enzo» newest and best use of «Ferrari» lover of travel by car. It is one of the most expensive car at a price that they involved with a small compensation mg, Vsaaraa within quarter of a million pounds sterling.

«Ferrari»: characterized by «Ferrari 250 GTO» reputation for fun driving around and appearance of the captor, and no doubt it as all a dream. The price starts quarter of a million pounds sterling. Agree most of the views of the wonder car «Ferrari 599 GT or». And fetch up to £ 300.000, which means that cost more than similar vehicles for the class to £ 92.000.

«F 40»: while showing «F 40» passion for great engines, is the «F 50» models appropriate to run races «Formula». However, the car «F 40» looks better than the «F 50», including in respect of a practical nature for the bold features of the ordinary, to some extent, for the «F 50».

«Queenigseg»: After exploring the beautiful cars of structures made of carbon fiber in countless exhibitions of cars, you can honestly say that only a few of the cars able to tickle the high emotions as you are doing «Queenigseg».

«Lamborghini»: Maybe not characterized by «Lamborghini Miura» perfect from the perspective of leadership, so that the fuel tank works as a counterweight to support the front axle making it more difficult driving and gasoline consumption, but it did not seem ever days in the form of the most beautiful. Her sister «Lamborghini Reventon» The shape of the designer inspired spy plane. They come either in the form of «Coupe» or a convertible, and depends on the model «Murcielago». This is the car of the models produced by the most radical «Lamborghini», but who wants to buy it searches diligently for one of them because their numbers are running out of productive immediately put on the market.

«Mercedes»: is clear that «Mercedes» the view that rich business people do not like glitter «Rolls-Royce», but prefer it quiet elegance for «Maybach». Although the market does not agree with this view, remain «Maybach 62 S», distinct from any of the cars category «S» other.

However, the only problem with this car had to be one who wants to buy them win the jackpot more than once to be able to pay for it. Certainly, this car will remain for future generations.

Indisputable that the group «Mercedes SL» original, both with doors PFM (1954 – 1957) or convertible (1957 – 1962), is from the viewpoint of many of the optimal model for classic cars, in addition to being one of the few cars «excellent» right . It is better to lead this car slowly before deciding a comment «uncooperative» you intend to break it.

On the other hand, is the «Mercedes-Benz 600» favorite car to the totalitarian political leaderships in the world. Featuring heavy car was worth, in addition to that it is incumbent on the buyer to make sure that the budget has enough to bear the expenses to keep, given that all elements of hydraulic guide devour huge amounts. It is worth mentioning that «McLaren» and «Mercedes» dissolved their partnership in the production car, but the result of this “temporary marriage is still impressive. It is rare to find a car in such a category is able to provoke a split in the views of this magnitude. Although it had been waiting eagerly «McLaren F-1» a growth disappointed, it is still a great car.

«Pagani Zonda»: Do drop the level of «Baganb Zonda» usual lately? Despite the magnificence of the design and construction quality and performance, dominated the nature of crude to some extent on the car. However, if you wanted to impress anyone around you will not find better than a car.

«Porsche»: There is no doubt that wins Alianasib will not lose sight of the thinking in the acquisition «Porsche Carrera GT», they give a car the small details and big attention.

«Rolls-Royce»: I do not doubt that the customers «Rolls-Royce Phantom» who is known for super-rich and those with good taste. In fact this car looks to be almost a small house. If one of these rich people willing to spend some money without the expense of the can «Rolls-Royce» desire to meet her car «Drobhid Coupe» attractive with four seats.

This car has strengthened the reputation of «Rolls-Royce» and fame. And is characterized by the form that was known as the «40/50 HP» then renamed «Silver Ghost» very quietly and the degree of reliability, but must be provided millions to buy one now.