The Best Way to Make Millions on Runescape!

Making millions on Runescape, is often regarded as being impossible but with this unique guide you’ll know how you can earn BIG cash on this free to play site! So sit back, relax and let the wealth flow in!

Runescape, is an easy fun game to play, but what isn’t fun or easy is the time it takes to play it. I mean to get just one 99 in a skill, takes on average 1-3 months to complete! What an immense waste of time! Especially since this is a game! Plus it doesn’t stop there, as money making is a skill of it’s own which takes time and effort…

So this is the best way to get rich on Runescape, and it’s so easy you may think it doesn’t work but it really does! Now it involves going into the wilderness, and maybe dying there if you’re not such a high level. So I recommend being about a level 70-90 before going here as there are strong ghosts which lurk around trying to kill you… So extra provisions are needed for this to work! So bring Monkfish or sharks for an extra boost of health!

The place that I’m referring to here if you’ve not already guessed, is hunting green dragons for their hides and bones combined worth around 5K! So for each dragon killed you earn 5k which is amazing! Plus with the help of a dwarf cannon, you may even average up to 300K per hour spent killing these things! So why not try it out? I recommend binging full Rune or Dragon and weapon wise I recommend a Dragon Scimitar and upwards… If you have a Godsword you can use that but I don’t recommend it as if you lose it you’ll start crying!

So this is the ultimate way to make money, and I know it doesn’t seem likely but it makes so much in so little time it’s guaranteed for you to make millions on Runescape daily! I hope you enjoyed this guide and here’s to your wealth!