The Best Ways to Clean Leather

We all own several different items made out of leather. Leather is a great material, but if something happens to leather, many people often think of it as a material that is really hard to clean. But don’t worry! There are ways of cleaning leather, so even if you have a leather item that has stains or dirt on it, you will be able to clean it.

Here are some great tips when it comes to cleaning leather:

The first thing you need to check before you start to clean leather items is if the leather is finished or unfinished. The reason is that you can’t clean finished leather in the same way you would clean unfinished leather.

In order to clean finished leather, do this:

– Use a very small amount of moisturizing soap, such as Dove, and place it on the item you want to clean. Be careful not to use too much, since this will only make the cleaning harder!

– Add a little bit of water, or use a damp cloth in order to lather the soap lightly.

– Rub softly, without using too much pressure, until the dirt or the stain is gone.

– After you are done, get another damp cloth to get all the lather away. Do not rinse or add more water to the leather at this point!

– Once you have gotten all the lather away, dry with a towel, and use a leather conditioner if necessary to bring some shine back into the leather.

In order to clean unfinished leather, do this:

– Only use saddle soap to clean unfinished leather, since most other soaps will ruin the leather!

– Rub the saddle soap into the leather item with a damp cloth or a sponge. You should see some lather at this point.

– Once you have removed the stain/dirt, wipe it away with a towel and let the item air-dry.