The Big Boom OF The Reality

I’m talking about reality.

But what are they?

They are based on a single concept: to bring to life a group of people a normal life, far from all, except from the rest of the world.

Some people talk about well, there are those who criticize them, but who for one reason, some for another, it always follows.

There is pasted in front of the TV screen, waiting to hear screams and discussions. It almost seems like there is a common kind of fun to see others arguing.

What unites all these reality shows is the desire to show others that they are able to do things that go well beyond their daily tasks.

The problem of all though (even if granted) is that, being away from their loved ones, from their habits, it is normal that sooner or later come to feel the need to vent.

Here are shallow so that the worst side of all competitors

Many were those proposed and presented in the Italian TV, but few have done more than one or two editions.

Let’s look at Italy’s most successful reality shows.

The first reality show that has opened in Italy was BIG BROTHER, where a group of children, forced to stand 24 hours at 24, spend their everyday lives, including discussions, loves, disappointments and secrets.

This reality seems a popular destination from our young people who see it as a springboard to enter the world of entertainment.

A couple of years later started ISLAND FAMOUS.

From the title you understand the subject. This is a group of celebrities who are shipwrecked on an island and are forced to live on their wits. First task is to build a shelter, and then continue with the hunting food. Only means: hands and ingenuity.

It ‘s the time then of THE FARM, even here the characters were famous and had the task of proving their skills in managing a farm (livestock, agriculture and their derivatives)

In reality these three were also prepared and tests of the competitions to win immunity and not be removed.

Another type of reality, just on a completely different theme and S.O.S. NANNY. This breaks away from the usual script because the protagonists are children whose parents have not been able to manage for various behavioral problems. Here comes the nanny who lived with them for a certain period of time, can understand what the problems are and what might be the solution.

In recent years, however, are doing great wrath reality a musical composition:


The first set in a school where a class of students, with the talent already in place, are taught to improve their skills, but also know how to juggle in the other branches of the entertainment world: music, song, dance, drama .

X-FACTOR always musical, is a real challenge of singing, where future singers or bands, are assigned to three judges who are directing them to different kinds to see which best express their natural talent.

Many other reality shows were presented to the Italian public, but with little success.

However, all have seen the common name of wanting to see, spying in a sense what others are doing in their private.

Love of voyeurism?