The Bjp, a Party That is a Carbon Copy of The Congress

When India was granted Independence from British rule, a period of a thousand years of subjugation of the Hindus ended.  The two nation theory was accepted and seperate nations based on majority populations of Hindus and Muslims carved from british India. As a sequel to th etwo nation theory a Hindu party the Jana Sangh was formed.its base was the RSS.The Jan Sangh did not cut much ice with the Hindus and soon came in the name of another Avatar as the BJP, the Bhartiya Janta Party. The party which has the support of the RSS, a Hindu social organization at its launch in the early seventies promised a lot. It was thought that it would usher in a different culture from that of the Congress and lead the nation forward. In addition it had nationalist planks as a single personal law and abrogation of articles like article 370 of the constitution that gave a special status to same states.

Formation of the BJP

The BJP had high ideals and was able to make some impact on the political scene. In addition it did produce two leaders in LK Adjani and AB Vajpayee who could not be accused of dynastic politics and corruption. But apart from these two leaders, the second rung of BJP leaders was not selfless or free from nepotism and corruption. Thus when the BJP did come to power at the Centre and some of the states, the people saw nothing new as the same culture of the Congress party of corruption and petty politics continued.

When in power at the centre the BJP under Vajpayee failed to fire the imagination of the people and there was open talk that the party was just a carbon copy of the Congress. In addition it allied with leaders like Bala Sahib Thackeray who breathed the politics of separatism and ‘sons of the soil’ theory, which was against the policy of the RSS and BJP. Corrupt leaders were also brought to the fore and the BJP suffered much embarrassment when its National President  B Laxman was caught on tape accepting bribes  for his personal gain. This was not all and even in the BJP ruled states, corrupt leaders were pampered like in karnataka.

The Future

The people felt cheated and the BJP was consigned to the dustbin in successive elections. The fact is that there is little chance of the BJP coming to power now as it is thought of as a party that has nothing new to offer. Also with the fading away of the two top leaders, infighting among the second rung of leaders for heading the party has taken its toll. It is a sad commentary on the BJP that it stands at the cross roads as it wonders where to go. The road ahead is obscure and the BJPmay well go thr JanaSangha way, if it does not pull up its socks.