The Book of Eli Film Review


In a post apocalyptic America a lone man named Eli travels on a quest to deliver a book. He holds the book sacred and believes he has been chosen for this quest for a reason. He has to overcome a lot on his journey and fight to protect the book.

In a small town where s few survivors live a man names Carnegie is searching for a special book which he believes hold the secret to mankind and he has gangs of men searching for the book. He comes across Eli when he walks into town and soon discovers that he hold the book he needs. The book is the bible and Eli will let no man take it from him.

Can Eli get safely to complete his mission with the book or will Carnegie get his hands on it and if so what will the damage be?

I was looking forward to watching this film as I had heard a lot of good things about it and I have to say I was not disappointed. I loved the story and found it came across is such a good way. The way religion was bought into it was good but it was not overly shown so don’t let this put you off.

Denzel Washington played the role of Eli and he did a great job. I instantly warmed to him and found he had just the right mix of bravery, emotion and fighting skills to make him a good person and one who can be easily liked. He showed great skill when defending himself and the book and I loved watching him in the action scenes. I did always feel thought that he was holding something back and it was only at the end of the film that I realised what it was and I have to say I was quite shocked by it. He delivered all of his lines with ease and made me believe what he was saying and talking about. I think if there was one thing which could have improved the character then it would be to have let us know slightly more about his previous life before the apocalypse happened.

We had a lot of good support characters and the one which really stood out was Carnegie, he was played by Gary Oldman and I loved the menacing way he came across. At some points he seemed a nice man who just wanted to the book and he looked after the people living in his town but then he would turn bad and the evil side came out. He was great playing both side to this character and made for some entertaining viewing. There was also Solara who played one of the girls living in the town working for Carnegie and she too was a nice likable person, she was played by Mila Kunis.

The film did have some very good action and fight scenes and I enjoyed them all, some of them were slightly far fetched with Eli taking one up to 10 men at one time but Denzel Washington made them look good and easy and the effects were well made and produced so they all looked very brutal and real. There were some disturbing parts, one which turned my stomach was when Eli chopped off a mans hand, I had to look away at this point as it looked very real. The music was also very good and in keeping with the film and made the story and emotions easier to follow.

I did find that some of the scenes were quite dark but we did have a lot of scenes of the landscape and countryside when Eli was walking and these were easy to watch and it was nice to see that the grass was growing and we did have some greenery. The apocalypse was 30 years previous to the setting of the film so we got to see the aftermath and how the world coped and tried to re grow and I enjoyed this. There were some parts of the film which I did not like and these included the cannibals but there were no scenes which we got to see them being brutal, it was all left to the imagination and I am thankful for this.

The DVD which I have does have some bonus features and these include:-

– A Lost Tale: Billy – Carnegie’s back story
– Behind the story; Starting over – How civilizations live, die and are reborn and Eli’s journey – the moral complexities of the story
– Deleted scenes / Alternate scenes
– The book of Eli soundtrack

I have not watched any of these so I am not able to make comment on them.

The running time of the film is 113 minutes and this was just a good length with the story moving at a good pace from start to finish. The rate is a 15 as it does contain strong violence and language and I do agree with this. I paid just £7 for the DVD and think it was a great price and well worth the money.

I have to give this film the full 5 stars as it was very entertaining and the ending for me was a surprise and one part was very unexpected. I think it does take a bit of concentration to watch and understand this film so don’t chose this when you want an easy light hearted film. Definitely worth the price tag and I do highly recommend this film.