The British Couple Were Married 85 Times

Mark and Denise for the six months beat his personal record – they swore allegiance to each other much as 85 times.

Young couple won in an unusual contest, held travel company, under which they were supposed to “test” site for weddings. So, Mark and Denise are already marries in Indonesia, Mauritius, Thailand and Jordan.

– We are the happiest couple in the world – tells 31-year-old Denise. – Every day – honeymoon. And this is just awesome!

Everything started from May 25 this year. In New York, the pair exchanged rings as much as 5 times: at the Waldorf Astoria, in the Empire State Building, in a taxi and two in Central Park.

According to the newlyweds, the most romantic day of their lives was the wedding ceremony in Zanzibar. But most of all, Mark and Denise remembered the wedding in Ireland, where they had to seal their union in the room where the temperature reached 43 degrees Celsius.

– The ceremony lasted three minutes. Any longer, we could not – says 26-year-old Mark. – We were kissing in the special masks, otherwise we would simply stick to each other.

85th wedding young accomplished in Australia, where invited guests were Aborigines. Faces of bride and groom to decorate a special paint, but instead of veils at the girl had feathers parrot.