The Building of The Longest Breakwater in The UK

holyhead breakwater

holyhead breakwater , is the longest breakwater in the UK,built in the 19Thcentury,and stretch’s for over 1 and ¾ miles. The breakwater was completed in 1873 after 28years of hard work.

looking out to see you have to be impressed at the engineering feat, that was needed to build such a huge breakwater,

the breakwater used stone from the nearby quarry at the foot of holyhead mountain, so during the building of the breakwater , the surrounding area was a hive of activity,with men working all day breaking up stone, at one stage there were over 1,400 men working on the site, from the men doing all the excavating,and blasting at the quarry to the rubble collectors,and the tram controllers moving by carriage, a huge amount of stone on a daily basis to the ground workers on the breakwater itself, the little train carriages, were continually on the go round the clock sending the stone to the breakwater as it was been built,

the foundation to the breakwater is approx 500 foot wide, the foundation stone and rubble all came from the mountain less than ½ a mile away,they say the amount of stone and rubble excavated was over 20,000 tons a day ,with the total amount used by the time of completion ,estimated at over 7 and a half million tons.

At the end there is a an egg shaped structure, on which the lighthouse stands,this section is approx 150 foot across and over 60 foot wide,the lighthouse itself was manned until 1961, after that it became automatic,, the lighthouse main lamps shone a white light which on a clear night could be seen over 20 miles out to sea, however recently the lamp has been changed to a green one ,the fog horn however is still been used to this day .

Now days the breakwater ,a grade 2 listed building is very popular with tourist’s and walkers and is used all the time by the locals for walking the dog ,getting some fresh air and enjoying the world class scenery

Not to mention the huge army of angler’s who regularly fish,and the quality of fishing is superb and attract’s anglers from all over the uk.