The ‘Burbs

There are not many films that I can name which make me wish that the movie would never end and surfice to say this is one of those. Tom Hanks stars as Ray Peterson is your average surburbanite who decides against the will of his wife Carol (Played by the always lovely Carrie Fisher) to spend a relaxing week at home but thats not going to happen wth the bizarre activities going on in the middle of the night by the next door neighbours The Klopeks. Before too long the surburb’s old grouch Walter has dissapeared leading the residents to believe the Klopeks have kidnapped and murdered him. So its up to Hank, his hefty busybody neighbour Art, ex-soldier Mark Rumsfield and spacey teenager Ricky to try to break into the Klopek’s home and investigate just what the hell is going on.

The characters in this movie is its strongest point it hard to pick out my favourite because each one has there own brilliant personality. Bruce Dern is excellent here as portraying Lt Mark Rumsfield, an ex-soldier who is stuck in the ends as a soldier and tries his best to relive them moments. He that spying on the Klopeks is an opportunity for him to relive his glory days. Rick Ducommum is fantastic as Art portraying himself as the nosey neighbour who likes to know everybody’s business its safe to say we all know a guy like Art. And Cory Feldman… well he does what he does best he plays himself and here he is one of his best performances. Carrie Fisher is also excellent but I feel they didn’t use her as much as they should have. Last but not least we come up to Tom Hanks and maybe Tom Hanks is considered the best character here after all he is the one that we can all relate too, he is the guy who just wants to relax and block out all that is happening around him.

Lets not forget the hilarious moments too, if I had to pick my favourite moment it would have to be when they all go over and give the Klopeks a nice neighbourly welcome. Also congrats on the casting of the Klopeks, they couldn’t have picked three of the most creepiest actors if they tried again especailly Uncle Reuben (played by Brother Theodore) who didn’t even have to speak to make me laugh.

Credit also should be due to the writer Dana Olsen who has created a very dark funny script and to Joe Dante who uses the same dark humour here as he did for Gremlins.

This film is definately in my Top 5 80’s comedies and maybe Top 10 in my favourite comedies of all-time. Although at the time is movie came out I was not even born yet so I am not quite sure its box office success but I can say that it is considered a cult classic and I hope people enjoy this movie for many years to come.