The Cerebral Circulation

Brain is the master of all organs in the human body. It controls all important functions of the body. The brain consists of Four important structures, namely

The cerebrum.

The cerebellum.

The medulla

The brainstem

Further it continues as the spinal cord which runs through the vertebral foramen.

Of all these structures cerebrum is of utmost importance as it controls all the higher functions like memory, intellect, speech, cognition etc. Neurons with its axons and dentrites form the basic structure of the brain. Though considered as the master organ it requires blood supply from the heart to perform the basic functions of the body.

Brain tissues need adequate blood supply continuously.

Stoppage of blood for 5 seconds leads to unconsciousness and for 5

minutes leads to irreversible damage to the brain cells leading to coma and death.

Cerebral vessels and normal cerebral blood flow

Brian receives blood from the basilar artery and internal carotid


The branches from these arteries form circle of Willis.

The venous drainage is by sinuses which open into internal

jugular vein.