The Compassion And Virtues of Islam

Is it possible to talk of such a thing? Yes it is. The problem is so much negative images of the faith are given in public and by portrayal in the media. This is the adverse psychology behind it all now, whenever something bad or catastrophic happens and a person is involved, if that person is a Muslim,this is pointed out. Not his nationality or personal characteristics but simply his Islamic background. This was very similar to what I experienced as a child growing up in the north of England in the 1970s. If a person was heard to speak in a Irish accent it was assumed immediately that he was a bomber and a member of the IRA,however, it was not just the accent.Even being a follower of Catholicism was seen as being a sympathiser of the terror groups.As for the followers of Islam,when it is the month of Ramadan and all we are told is that the people are fasting, but how many people in the media or elsewhere actually give us the reason as to why they are fasting or the fact that a certain percentage of their income is given as charity to the poor and needy!

This is in reference to the zakat, The rate of zakat is 2.5 percent, not of income, but of the value of all of one’s possessions,people who receive this tax are are the poor, those in debt, slaves seeking to buy their freedom, pilgrims, and the collectors of the tax itself

We are told that Islamic men have a choice of having up to four wives. But how many of us know that when this belief arose, there was a very good logical thought behind all this. The Islam race, as well as the Jewish race, are condemned for the methods involved in the slaughter of animals as food. But,correct me if I am wrong, does the Bible not recommend a similar procedure? In addition, personal hygiene to a Muslim is of paramount importance. I’ve never met any group of people so “obsessed” with cleanliness

Recently in the city of Bristol (south-west England), a convert planned to destroy a shopping complex. Before he could carry out this attack, the police were informed of his suspicious behaviour by the Muslim community!

Could there be psychology behind it all? We have had so much bad press about the Islamic faith and its people that all we want to believe in is the negative aspect of it all and refuse to hear anything good?

I once saw a documentary on television from a man in the far east stating that if the world was rid of Christianity, Islam and Judaism, then most of the world troubles were at an end!

But now, here in Europe, there seems to be a fear of a slow but eventual takeover by Islam.Paranioa has gripped the region with the fear of Islamisation. I am of no religion, so thankfully I have a choice in pointing out the good and bad points of any religion, I just don’t hear much good about the faith. Fundamentalism and extremism are two words that always seems to be associated with the Islamic community.

Followers of Christianity, Hinduism and Sikhism have all had their extreme followers, like all religions. Maybe we should take stock and analyse the situation and see whats happening in the wider world to realize that maybe politics, economics and power play a large part in all the events that are taking place in the world right now?Surely people cant believe that over 1 billion followers of a the Islamic religion in over 50 countries want nothing but an ideological takeover of the world?