The Curse of Superman… Real?

“Curse” is an interesting topic for us to look at the elderly today.  So many things in the world that cannot be accepted by common sense even in this day and age filled with advanced technologies can not reveal all the mysterious things that exist.  A word often invites the pros and cons.  For people who do not believe in mystical things more often interpreted as a lack of luck / bad luck in life.  If this continues to be experienced by many people still call it right the way through the misfortune of living?

Superman Curse

Who is not familiar with Superman?  The first film about the super-human superhero named Clark Kent.  Behind the success of Superman movie rumors will spread a lot of reference to curse bad luck and misfortune of the people involved with the Superman movies.

We call one of Superman actor George Reeves was found shot dead in the head a day before his wedding.  Her death is defined as a suicide, but his fingerprints are not on the gun which was used as the murder weapon.  So, there are two possibilities here, one he shot himself using his leg or two, he did not commit suicide but was murdered.

Then move the curse then Christopher Reeve after having success in the four Superman movies, he fell from a horse in 1995, paralysis of limbs below neck. And died of heart failure.

Marlon Brando as Jor-El plays the father of Superman in the Superman movie (1978) encountered some problems after playing in the film.  In May 1990, his son, Christian shot and killed Dag Drollet, the lover of Christian’s half sister, Cheyenne Brando. Cheyenne himself died in 1995 due to suicide by hanging himself from depression since the death of her lover.  Brando later retreated from the glitzy world of Hollywood, and in recent years has attracted public attention because his career suffered a severe obesity.  He died on July 1, 2004, with a diagnosis of death hidden for privacy reasons.

A speculation about the death of John F.  Kennedy on the list of Superman curse.  Although he never played in the film Superman, but reported that staff receive and approve the U.S. Presidential Superman comic story in which a story, a hero to persuade the president to pay more attention to Physical Health.  This story will come out in April 1946, but on November 22, JFK died because of killed.

Paul Walker one of the Superman actor while not end up like any other Superman actors, Paul entered the top 10 worst actor for influencing his career.

Millions of Dollars in a handful of the Superman films cannot be enjoyed by the character of Superman creator Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.  They only received a little bonus for his hard work.  Instead of dollars flowing into the DC Comics company which holds the copyright on the work of Superman, some people say that Jerry and Joe condemn the character of Superman because they feel the results of their efforts are not appreciated.

Kate Bosworth who never believed in curses accepts a role in the movie Superman.  When you are ready to make “Superman Returns” Kate returned applies to believe to believe in the ‘curse of Superman’ after a breakup with her boyfriend, Orlando Bloom.

Ashton Kutcher and Josh Hartnett gave a great opportunity to throw his name in the film industry by playing in a Superman movie for fear of “Curse of Superman” on them.