The Dangers of Caffiene


The Dangers and Risks associated with caffiene.

(Created for my High School health course)

It is kind of concerning that there are so many side effects of caffeine yet so many people use (and abuse) this drug daily. Many people don’t realize that it is in fact a drug, while not as potent as others it still alters the body and mind and as most medications, has side effects.

Caffeine increases blood pressure. It speeds up the heart, and increases blood flow. While this may prove beneficial to wake yourself up after 2 hours of sleep, it can cause heart complications and caffeine use could account for 14% of coronary heart disease deaths and 20% of stroke deaths. This is a disturbing statistic that is incredibly overlooked.

As with all drugs, it is possible to overdose on caffeine. While rarely fatal, it is possible. An average person would require 5,000 milligrams of caffeine to die from it. (about 50 cups of coffee) While it is unlikely this would ever happen, caffeine pills could be fatal if used incorrectly. The amount of caffeine required to have strong negative effects changes with the size and weight of the person. A teenager, for instance, would require much less caffeine in order to show effects of overdose. With the emerging trend of highly caffeinated energy drinks and energy shots, a new health trend may start appearing as a direct effect of the increased intake of caffeine today’s society has.

Used this website as a resource, as well as previus knowledge from my 8th grade health class.