The Democratic party

The Democratic Party is lost. The members of this Party are socialist, greedy people. No longer looking out for the people, just their own communist ideals and new-world policies. Their view on economics is the same as communist Russia, that everyone who doesn’t make a living should be giving the fruit of other peoples’ labors, and for people who make less money should be giving everything. Where success is feared because of its price.

Obama and Joe Biden are so far left that they qualify for communists themselves. Which is no surprise seeing that they subscribe to the Democratic Party and its ideologies. This is the new Democratic Party, one with no end of taxing, spending, lying, cheating, and trickery. Which is basically a communist in a nutshell.  And that’s our new president now, too.

Every bill passed through congress since January has been of horrible consequence for conservatives around America. The new Democrats in congress and in the white house are wasting money likes it’s free, and it’s not. We’ve been borrowing that money from China, and now, because of Obama, we’re going to be paying them over a trillion dollars in interest alone for that money. The debt has amounted to over 12.5 trillion dollars. And our deficit is 3.8 trillion a year. (Almost three times what it was before Obama took office.)

Democrats don’t know how to stop spending. Since the Democrats have been in control, the budget has gotten much worse, spending has gotten out-of-control, our economy is much worse, too, and our foreign policy is a joke. And to boot, our freedoms are being taken away along with our morals. And our government no longer has the stones to stand up for the people. Because it is overrun with liberal Democrats like Obama, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, and Hillary Clinton.

This is what the New Democratic Party is. A Party of socialist cowards. A tax-and-spend Party that refuses to stand for what’s right, and only cares about helping people who don’t deserve it. This is the Party that most of you helped to put in control. I just hope you won’t make the same mistake twice.