The Devaluation of The Dollar

It takes so many dollars or currency units to buy a loaf of bread, much less anything else, that it means that for all intents and purposes, the wheels of society grind to a stop.

What do people do? They can resort to bartering but that has limited applications. That was why money was invented in the first place…as a storage unit of wealth that could be easily carried and traded for real goods and services. A standard unit measure of wealth makes commerce easy.

As long as societies based that unit of wealth on gold and silver, things were fine. If a paper dollar could be exchanged for a certain amount of real gold and silver, then it was backed by something of value. However, the dollar has been taken off of the gold standard. Now, due to the trillions of debts, dollars have been printed out of thin air. This causes devaluation of the dollar as each dollar becomes worth less.

The solution is a return to gold. Gold has intrinsic value and has been recognized as a form of real wealth for thousands of years.

One difficulty with gold is that it is sold in such large amounts that it is not affordable for the masses nor convenient to use in transactions. You are not going to want to take your gold coin down to the nearest grocer to buy $150 worth of groceries.

What is the solution? There is a solution. There is a company in Europe that has been involved in gold in smaller amounts, gram, half-gram, and now, a quarter gram is on the way.

They have a unique gold-backed savings plan that is definitely a good idea in these turbulent times of economic change and devalued currencies.

Cheryl Jones is part of the first and pioneering team that is educating people about the value of KB Gold. KB Gold offers a unique gold-backed savings plan, it is established in Europe and is going worldwide.