The Dos And Don't of The College Experience

Have you ever heard horror stories of college life? I know I have. I’ve heard about terrible roommates, professors, deans and of course final grades. How do you prevent yourself from becoming the punchline of a terribly disturbed joke? It’s easy, really.

The first step is never assume the worst. So you’re stuck for a year with a roommate you hae nothing in common with. Try talking to them. There are at least a few things that as humans we all have in common. Talk about movies, music, or classes. At least attempt to get to know this new, strange person. It is at least worth a try to make your year just a bit less stressful. What do you have to lose?

The second step is to get to know your professors. If you have a question, ask them. Most professors are willing to work with you. If you miss a quiz and need to make it up, don’t email them. Go to their office. It is much harder to turn down a living breathing person standing right in front of them than a silent voice miles away. Another advantage of knowing your professors is that if a problem arises in the course, they are much more likely to go out of their way to help you out.

The third step is to roll with the punches. So you decided to go to a party instead of studying and ended up not doing s hot on yur final. You can’t change it now. The only thing you can do is count it as a lesson for next time. Dwelling on your failures generally just lead to more failures. The best thing to do is just move on and strive to be better.

The last step  for a good college experience is to choose your friends carefully. Every now and then, even the best of us make bad choices. We’ve all had bad friends that we hang on to without really knowing why. Perhaps we think they can change. Perhaps we see the good in them. Perhaps we don’t know how to let them go. Regardles, in order to survive college relatively happy you have to know which ones to keep and which to get rid of.  This is important because bad friends stress you out. They make you feel like the walls are closing in on you. College is stressful enough. No one needs friends to make it worse.

Even following all of this advice doesn’t guarantee the perfect college experience. That is because the perfect college experience doesn’t exist. Everyone will have at least a few problems. That is life. However, following this advice can minimize those problems and help you graduate with your sanit intact.