The End of the Philippines

September 2009, Philippines is struck by a very massive typhoon named Ondoy. Metro Manila is drowned and thousands of people were left dead and homeless. Filipino families including celebrities lost their homes and most of their loved ones. 6 days after, another typhoon hits the northern islands of the Philippines, Pepeng is the second typhoon that almost drowned the northern part of the Philippines.

US Government and other countries gave support for the Filipino victimis of Ondoy and Pepeng. Thousands of relief goods were served for all homeless Filipinos. Unfortunately, millions of Filipino People are still needing for more food and shelter.

October 2009, another Typhoon named Ramil will start to destroy the beautiful islands of the Philippines. Millions of poor Filipino people are still homeless and sick. But the worse is yet to come, another typhoon named Lupit will struck the Philippines and three more typhoons will ruin the Philippines before the Christmas season.

Public schools in the Philippines are now evacuation centers and most of the classes are still suspended. Some of the offices in Manila are also closed and wealthy Filipino people lost their businesses especially in agriculture. Cost of  the Rice in the Philippines increases including poultry and livestock.

Thousands of young Filipino children died and millions of families were lost and homeless. Hollywood celebrities, international politicians and people around the earth cooperates for helping out the victims of the two typhoons. The US Government is stilll lending their hands for FIlipino people.

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