The Game We All Love

The Game We All Love

This is a call to all the baseball fans out there, where ever you are. The time is almost upon us to get out those jerseys, dust off the gloves and reform our hats. You guessed it; the regular season is almost here. I for one cannot stand the wait for opening day. This ceremonious event is getting bigger than the fucking Super Bowl… well almost. Maybe it just feels that way to us baseball fans.

Baseball fans know why they love the game. It’s not about the glamour, money or endorsements. It’s about being out in the sun, smelling the freshly cut grass and hearing the sound of friendly banter coming from the many of overflowing bathrooms at any major or minor league ball park. It’s about the company that baseball carries with it all over this nation. There is a reason why this game is favorite America’s past time.

Baseball has had to overcome many challenges in its storied history and even today it finds itself in yet another scandal. It began with breaking the color barrier in 1947, the player’s strike of 1994, and most recently the “Steroid Era” proclamations. Whatever kind of obstacles people throw at baseball it doesn’t matter, because baseball will prevail. For over 150 years this game has inspired, educated, and most of all given us something to look forward to. Baseball fans everywhere know this power all too well.

One thing is for sure; the scandals pass, the bad players don’t make it, the superstars make all the money and at the beginning of the season, everybody’s team is going to the World Series. Baseball will never die. Ever! Fans everywhere are patiently waiting for greatest two words ever put together, “Play Ball!”