The Holy Bible: The New Word – Paul’s Second Letter to the Corinthians 11-13


Paul’s Second Letter to the Corinthians

Chapter 11-13

Don’t be Misled by Those Who Seek to Make a Profit Off The Word of God

    11[1-15] I hope to God you’ll put up with me even when I do speak a little bit crazy: and you have put up with me. But I am crazy over you with a godly passion because I’ve promised you to Christ so that I can present you as a faithful spouse to Christ. But I fear, in case by some means, as the snake fooled Eve with half-truths, so your minds would wander from the pure truth that is in Christ. I’m afraid that if someone comes and preaches something different about Yeshua that we haven’t preached, or if you accept another spirit, which You haven’t accepted before, or hear another new word, which you haven’t accepted before, you might very well believe it. But I think that I haven’t followed the least bit behind the very first followers. And though I am not very well trained in my speech, yet I am in knowledge; but we’ve been thoroughly open among you in everything. What sin have I done in humbling myself so that you might be lifted up, so I could preach to you the New Word of God freely and without pay? What support I took from other churches, I took to help you. And when I was with you, and needed anything, I was supported by none of you, because what I needed I was given by the Christians, who came from another place: and I’ve kept myself from asking you for any help for anything, and so I will keep myself from ever asking you for anything. As the truth of Christ is in me, no one there will stop me from saying this. And why? Do you think it’s because I don’t love you? God knows that I do. But what I do, that I’ll keep on doing, so that I can cut off any chance for those who want a chance to make something of themselves, so that they can appear to be just as we are. And people like this are false followers, false workers, changing themselves into the appearance of followers of Christ. And no wonder, even Satan changes into a messenger of light. So it’s not strange if their ministers also are changed into the ministers of goodness; who will be punished for what they do.

The Many Sufferings

    [16] I say again, let no one think me as crazy; but if otherwise, still accept me as a crazy person, so that I can talk about myself a little. What I speak, I don’t speak for God, but as in stupidity, in this self-confident bragging. Seeing that many brag about their earthly lives, I’ll brag also. And you gladly accept thoughtless ones, seeing that you yourselves are wise! And you even allow it, if they control you, if they use you, if they take from you, if they say they’re better than you, or even if they hit you on the face. And I speak as about our own dishonor, as we had been weak in this way, too. Even so, whatever anyone wants to brag about, though I speak stupidly, I will brag about it, also. Are they Jews? So am I. Are they from Israel? So am I. Are they the descendants of Abraham? So am I. Are they ministers of Christ? I speak as a crazy person, but I am more! I have worked harder; I have been beaten more times than I can count; I have been locked up more often; I have escaped death more often. The Jews beat me five times with thirty-nine licks. I was beaten with sticks three times; I was attacked with stones once; I was shipwrecked three times, and spent a night and a day in the sea; I have traveled often, and have been in danger of drowning, in danger of thieves, in danger of my own people, in danger of other people, in danger in the city, in danger in the countryside, in danger in the sea, in danger among false Christians; I have been tired and aching, often with no sleep, hungry and thirsty, often willingly going without food, cold and going without clothes. And besides all this, my daily concerns, the care of all the churches. Who is more weak than I am? Who is offended, and I am not burning with anger? So if I need to brag, I’ll brag about all my weaknesses. The God, who Yeshua, our Christ is from, which is blessed forever, knows I’m not lying. Even in Damascus, the governor under Arttas, the one who guarded the city of the Damascus, wanted to arrest me: And I was let down through a window in a basket by the wall, and escaped from them.

Visions and Revelations

    12[1-10] Doubtless, it does no good for me to brag like this, so I’ll come to visions and revelations of Christ. I knew someone in Christ more than fourteen years ago, who was taken up to the third heaven, (whether in the body, I can’t tell; or whether out of the body, I can’t tell: only God knows.) And I knew how this person, (whether in the body, or out of the body, I can’t tell, only God knows,) was taken up into the Garden of Paradise, and heard things words can’t describe, which no one is able to tell. I’ll brag about this kind of person, but I will only brag about myself in my weaknesses. And even if I wanted to brag, I wouldn’t be crazy, because I’ll tell the truth: but now I don’t brag, in case anyone would think more of me than what they see me to be, or that they hear of me. And in case I were to be more proud than I ought, because of the many revelations, I was given a thorn in my side, the messenger of Satan to beat me down, in case I were to be more proud than I ought. I prayed to Christ three times because of this thing, that it might leave from me. And Christ told me, “My grace is enough for you because My strength is seen in your weakness.” So most gladly, I’ll brag about my weaknesses instead, so that the power of Christ can be seen by all. So I have joy in my weaknesses, in accusations, in times of need, in discriminations, in all kinds of troubles for Christ’s sake, because when I am weak, that is when I’m really strong.

    [11-21] I am crazy for bragging like this; but you’ve made me do it because I ought to have been approved of by you because I have followed not the least bit behind the very first followers, though I’m nothing. The truth is I’ve done the signs of a follower among you with much patience, in signs, and amazing things, and powerful actions. And how is it that you were treated any lesser than the other churches, unless it’s because I myself didn’t ask you for anything? Forgive me this wrong! This is the third time I am ready to come to you; and I won’t ask you for anything because I don’t want anything that is yours, except you, because the children shouldn’t save up for their parents, but the parents for their children. And I’ll very gladly use up all that is mine and even be used up myself to save your souls; though the more greatly I love you, the less I am loved. But anyway, I didn’t trouble you: but, being the sneaky way that I am, I caught you in my sneakiness. Did I get anything from you by any of those I sent to you? I wanted Titus to go, and sent with him the other Christians. Did Titus get anything from you? Didn’t we both have the same spirit? Didn’t we both go the same way? Once again, do you think that we’re making excuses for ourselves to you? What we say, we say before God in Christ: and everything we do, dear loved one, is to help you. And I fear that when I come, I won’t find you as I want to, and that I’ll be found by you as you wouldn’t want me: I’m afraid that there’ll be arguments, jealousy, anger, making fun of me, bad-mouthing, gossiping, arrogant pride, or chaos: And in case, when I come back, my God will humble me among you, and that I’ll be upset by many who have sinned before, and haven’t changed from their evil ways, sexual sins, and filthiness.

Last Warning

    13[1-4] This is the third time I am coming to you, so in the presence of two or three witnesses every word will be settled. I told you before, and warned you the second time, as if I were present; and not being there now, I write to those who up to now have kept on sinning, and to all others, that, when I come back, I won’t show mercy to you: Since you look for proof that Christ is speaking in me, which isn’t weak to you, but is powerful in you. And even though the Christ was put to death through weakness, yet by the power of God, Christ still lives. And if we also are weak in Christ, by the power of God we’ll still live with Christ for you.     

     [5-10] So examine yourselves, and see whether you’re in the faith or not; prove it to your own selves. Don’t you know your own selves, how that Yeshua, the Christ is in you, unless, in fact, you are unsaved? But I trust that you’ll come to know that we aren’t unsaved. Now I pray to God that you don’t do anything evil; not so that we would appear approved of, but that you would do what is right, even if we were unsaved. We can’t do anything against the truth, but only for the truth. And we’re happy, when we’re weak, and you’re strong: and we pray for godly actions to follow your faith. So I write this, while not there, in case when I am there, I am too angry with you, and use the power which God has given me to tear you down instead of building you up. 

    [11-14] Finally, Christians, goodbye. Let godly actions follow your faith, be in good spirits now, be of one mind, live in peace; and the God of love and peace will be with you. Say hello to one another with a kiss of love. All the Christians here say hello to you. May the grace of Yeshua the Christ, and God’s love, and the relationship of the Holy Spirit, be with you all. So be it!