The Indian Education System : The Biggest Abettors of Suicide

The notorious Indian education system is well known for its faults. India amongst all countries ranks the highest among student suicides. Though suicides could have many causes, the intense pressure the students are put through is one of the biggest reasons for student suicides. While statistics clearly show that India leads the world in terms of student suicides, a thorough search needs to be done to find the culprit and find solutions to it.

India’s education system is highly theoretical. Performance is based on marks scored and not on practical use. Students may just memorize and blurt out everything on paper and they would get marks. The student may actually not have a clue on what they write in their papers and still come out as toppers.  And as each year progresses, there is more and more to study and the syllabus becomes more vast and tough. The pressure starts here. There is the anxiety of being able to understand the concepts and express it on the paper in correct words. When they are not able to do so, frustration begins.

Pressure is multiplied when the student is an engineering or a medical student. The fact that they have got into the college after so much pain, hardship and suffering and in some cases, even the payment of a huge amount of money in order to enroll them in, puts them into further pressure. The pressure here is to make the best use of the opportunity in front of them, which has been given after countless sacrifices.

Then comes the pressure from home. There is immense pressure from home to perform well. In case of students, the pressure is more because their families expect them to study well and start earning soon. Then there is also the influence of the student’s personal life and problems of his academic performance.

When a student studies hard and in the end finds out that his/her efforts have gone in vain when the results come out and say that the marks aren’t sufficient, his frustration multiplies manifold.

Sometimes, even teachers have no mercy. They give a lot of projects and theory and homework and pile their yearly schedules with countless practicals, tests, exams, extra sessions and what not. The teachers do not quite realize that these students have other subjects too and they are equally heavy and important as their subjects are.

All these students have expectations from them. Expectations from family, expectations from teachers, expectations from society and expectations from themselves.

They try to bottle up all this frustration, stress and pain. Some people are unable to handle the pressure, especially when personal problems mix. All this bottled up frustration, stress and pain finally take a toll and the students find it best to end life and end this pain. These people weren’t cowards, they were just people who fought a long battle with their minds and held fort for as long as they could and overran its own capacity to withstand and were defeated. Unless, we reform the system, India will continue to top the charts of student suicide.

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