The Internet Is A Public Gathering Place

The Internet can be a wonderful place to find newsworthy topics, public service, online shopping, and the list goes on. You can pursue hobbies, plan vacations, and much more. But it can also be a frightening place where con artists, pornographers, racists, and others lurk in search for unsuspecting people to prey on.

Who is legitimate and who is not? Who is friendly to talk to and who is not? Many of us are not Web-savvy enough to know the dangers. And even more experienced, possibly overconfident users still get enticed into scams or other predicaments.

The Internet can be a dangerous place.

Web sites want to know more information about you. Some sites ask that you provide information on forms in order to display or get something you want. Other download a cookie to your computer and track where you go on the site, or which remember information that you have previously given the site. With this in mind, teach your children to never provide any information about yourself — particularly your home address, telephone number, or a photograph of yourself — without first checking with you, their parents.

The bottom line is that you can’t be 100% sure the people that you contact on the Internet. It is best to visit only those sites that you know are legitimate. And never provide personal information at the expense of your privacy.