The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Gamecube/ Nintendo Wii)


Link is but a simple farm hand in the village of Ordon and he has no idea of the adventure he is about to embark on. When his childhood friend Ilia and the other children of the village are kidnapped by monsters, Link sets out to find them. However he soon reaches an impenetratable black barrier of twilight, and while he is still taken aback, a monstrous hand lunges at Link and pulls him through. The beasts are stunned by the triangular light that then shines from Link’s hand and they flee. After this, Link struggles to get up and then he is turned into a dark wolf and collapses to the ground!

Link awakes to find himself inside a dark prison cell with a strange being on the otherside of the bars. The being offers her help to Link on the condition that she has his full cooperation and obeys her commands. Although at first she seems to only want to use Link, in time the two grow to think of each other as partners and they attempt to stop the forces of the twilight from taking over the whole of Hyrule, and in extent, the whole world!


Those of you who are used to playing the old console Zelda games will be in awe at the stupendous graphics that are boasted in Twilight Princess. With incredible attention to detail and also spectacular lighting effects, particularly around sunset or in the twilight region itself, you will no doubt find yourself swooning at the sight.

Items & Tools

Twilight Princess recycles the use of many of the classic Zelda items and tools such as the bow and arrow, bombs and of course bottles. Also it adapts some of the classics and tweaks them slightly, such as water bombs which can be used underwater, or the clawshot instead of the hookshot which allow you to lower or raise yourself when suspended on something in the air. However when you get a second clawshot you can use them to safely cross large gaps by grappling from one place to another. And of course there are the things which are completely new altogether, such as the spinner or the ball and chain. And finally there is the new option to combine certain items together. For example, you can combine the bow and arrow with bombs to send bombs flying to distant or hard-to-reach places.

Places & People

Of course, Twilight Princess wouldn’t be a Zelda game without the classic Hyrulian races, the Gorons and the Zoras. Both races appears somewhat different to previous Zelda games in one way or another, however they still look impressive in my view. Having said this I was disappointed to see that they have abandoned the Deku race as they were my second favourite of the three, Zoras being my favourite. And of course the land of Hyrule still contains some of it’s classic locations, such as Lake Hylia, Death Mountain, Gerudo Desert and of course, Kakariko Village. Furthermore there are also plenty of new locations such as Ordon, Faron Woods and Snowpeak.


All in all I would say that the money of the typical Zelda fan- or anyone for that matter- would not be wasted on buying this game. It’s challenging to a reasonable extent, it has very good graphics for its time and it definately has my five stars.

As a last note, if anyone has any troubles fighting bosses, I will also be doing some strategy guides for how to defeat the bosses of the game.