The Little Green Yoda From Star Wars Hit The Nail on The Head


Have you ever decided to do achieve a goal in sport or in business, or in life? and then tried and tried to do it but it just never came to fruition? Me too!


When we say we are going to TRY to do a task, in our sport, our business or our relationships, the word TRY implies to the unconscious mind that we are just as likely to fail at out task as we are to succeed. It’s a 50: 50 mental energy split. So is it any wonder that we don’t achieve our goals?


The little green Yoda from Star Wars hit the nail on the head when he said ‘do or do do not, There is no TRY.’

How does that help us? Well, there’s another expression I grew up with in I Wales, which was ‘Pee or get off the pot!’ (that’s the clean version anyway…)

What’s being said is, decide to do something or decide to not do something. None of the inbetween bit is getting you anywhere. That ‘in between’ bit, is providing you with a blockage in your journey.

My Tip:

Consciously be aware over the next 7 days of how often you use the word ‘try’. Literally take a small piece of paper and a pen and list how many times over the next week you use that word. The subconscious mind is being told in each instance that the likelihood of what you’re discussing being completed is just as likely as it not being completed. This means your mental energy is diversified.

Each time you find yourself in this position, DECLARE what it is you want to achieve in the positive. Write it down, say it out loud, make it happen.

An example would be – “I’m going to try and beat this month’s current target by 20 %”. Change to: By this time next month I will have generated a 20% increase which will ensure that I will be working at greater capacity and generating greater reward / results.


Using this technique you will, day by day begin to take greater command of how you communicate with the most powerful piece of equipment you will ever use – your own mind. You will identify old habits and replace them with new and more powerful habits, as you no longer inout new roadblocks! As with everything we do, the skillful use of the new habit comes with determination and repetition. If you want to try and have an amazing day, go ahead and HAVE and amazing day.

Train yourself to have an awesome day! Izzy