The Lowdown on Zits

Zits are a malady common to humankind. And although we don’t know the root cause, everybody knows the symptoms—ugly red sores on the face, and sometimes down the neck and back. It’s called acne vulgaris, and nearly everyone is affected by it at some point in their life—often well into adulthood. Here are some tips on handling your acne.

  1. Find a treatment that helps. Some people claim that since acne will eventually go away, you might as well just let it run its course and do nothing about it. Beware. Acne allowed to run its course and continue unabated has damaging effects. It damages your skin permanently by causing scars. It damages your emotions and self-esteem by breaking out in fury. Those who suffer from severe acne can actually develop long-term health conditions if they simply allow acne to continue without attempting to treat it. In addition, a form of mild acne can develop into something more severe unless it is treated early in its life cycle. It’s important to find a treatment that helps you.
  2. Find a resource for education and information. With the vast amount of information on the web, you should have no problem finding a source that educates you as to the cause of acne. One such source is, which actually has an “acne treatment university.” It cov
    ers a vast amount of topics—from acne myths to getting rid of acne—free of charge. Knowledge is power, and it is worth your time to get some information on your condition in order to know how best to handle it.
  3. Find an acceptance of your condition. At the end of the day, it is important for you to accept your condition of acne. By living a healthy lifestyle with plenty of sleep, a good diet, and regular exercise, you will help fight your acne the natural way, and be content with the way you are.

No single acne treatment is guaranteed to give you a one-and-done treatment for the rest of your life. Acne persists. Acne comes and goes. Acne will continue to bother you. But you can take these three simple steps, you’ll have gained some incredible progress in your battle against zits.