The Mediterranean Diet Plan

The Mediterranean diet plan is a diet which is very beneficial for the heart which can help lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol. You can eat and drink plenty of choices in this plant including:

Unsweetened tea

• Water

• Low-fat Milk

• Fruits and vegetables

• Nuts

What fruits and vegetables can I eat?

You can eat any fruit and vegetables of your choice. This is the main food source that is eaten on the Mediterranean plan. For example, you may choose to drink a glass of orange juice after a lovely bowl of ‘Oats and More.’ The plan recommends a good intake of fresh fruits and vegetables up to 12 servings a day. Apples, Apricots, bananas, Lychee and oranges are delicious choices.

Can I eat Pasta in this plan?

Pasta is certainly allowed. Wheat Pasta has plenty of fibre and fewer calories. Best time to eat Wheat Pasta would be for dinner with more fruits and vegetables and low-fat cream.

Can I use any Essential Oils in my Diet?

The better oils to use are those that are polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. These types of oils would be:

• Olive Oil

• Canola Oil

• Vegetable Oil

Are nuts allowed in this diet plan?

Nuts of many sorts have good quality fats in them which means they are suitable for this diet plan. Nuts such as walnuts and almonds are suitable to include.

Is salt allowed in this diet plan?

It is not recommended to use salt in this diet plan. In place of salt, there are other options to choose from including:

1) Garlic powder – garlic power is a good alternative to salt. It improves the cooking and increases delicious taste in everything that you use it for such as soups and pastas. However, if you are starter then do use little of it as too much could make your food taste of garlic.

2) Fresh ground Black Pepper – another great alternative to salt. It is widely used around the globe and the taste of Black Pepper is aromatic and very delicious. The smell is also beautiful and can be used frequently in your cooking with your delight. They can be used on many savoury dishes in soups and stews.

Can Butter be used?

Butter is only allowed if it is low-fat. Obviously, high fat butter will do no good to your health. Do not overuse it either! Keep it at a minimum.

What else shall I include?

You may choose to include several other fibre rich foods such as whole wheat bread, black beans and corn! All these can lower your cholesterol levels for an additional health benefit.

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