The Mothers Are Real Teacher to Their Kids

Giving the education is very important to everyone of the kids, so most of the well developed nation would have provided free education to their citizen and want to improve the standard of life in their country.  Learning the education is one the vital role in the life, and also it is very important to learn from the school and then gets degrees and diplomas. 
While learning the lesson from the school, who will perfect teacher to the kids, there are big study and recent invention from the United Kingdom would have been proved that all the kids are more attached to their mother, than the father, because the father are more strict and also out of the home at most of the times due to employment and work.  So the kids are more attached to their mother and have been developed their mentality as their mother are their role model. 
Even majority of the mothers are more attached to their kids in the home and would have helped to their kids to learn the subjects, and have helped them to solve all the issue with regards to the study and school.  So the girl students are more attached with their mother, because of the same gender.  Still the boy students are also more attached with their mother but the bond of girls are more stronger than the boys. 
When the mother given the lesson or teaching the lesson in the loved manner, so the kids are easily understand the subjects and would have learned the lesson very quickly.  This was one of the main reasons that most of the country in the world would have tried to give the education to the girls , because if we thought to one girl , she may will teach to many more  girls and boys in her family. So we are very happy to say that mother are good teacher to their kids in the real life.