The Mothers-In-Law: The Birth of Everything But The Blues

The Mothers-in-Law: The Birth of Everything But the Blues was a show that went a tad overboard.  It aired in the second season and was another episode that had the mothers with a plan that goes awry.  That’s pretty much standard.

Suzie Buell (Deborah Walley) is pregnant but is needing to work a little to raise some money.  Naturally the moms don’t want her to overdo.  One thing leads to another, and the moms end up babysitting a variety of animal species.

Now here is where things go a bit over the top.  It seems like every one of the critters is pregnant and they all decide to give birth on the one day they are being cared for at the mothers-in-laws’ homes.

It’s moderately funny, but it’s just pushing the pregnancy thing too far in my book.  There are some good moments, but they almost get lost in the absurdity of it all.

The brilliant Mel Blanc is on hand, or rather his voice is, for the part of mynah bird, while famous animal trainer Frank Inn shows up with a bear at the end.  In a sense, that was a great ending since it was as ridiculous as the rest of the show.