The Negative Side of Ezine Articles

I doubt on ezinearticles to promote our blog or website. It is not bring much traffic to my blog. Our articles also get few views at ezine articles.

Why it could happen?

1. I realize that I am not a good writer. I doubt my bad article can bring visitor to my blog. Perhaps they do not interesting with my article or content.

2. Submitting our article to the ezine article waste our times. We should make the article first (it takes an hour), and submit to the ezine.

3. There is no people use your content. I have never seen a good blog use ezine articles. Only poor blog or the mediocre uses ezine article content. Your content still in ezine and no one use it. They are prefer other people to write for them rather than ezine articles.

4. Some ezine articles is no follow link. Therefore, you cannot hope the backlinks from ezine articles.

5. Some bad blogger may spin your articles. They put it to their blog or writing website without attribute the link to your blog.

I prefer to not submit my articles to ezine again, considering these five factors. I prefer to improve my writing skills rather than writing for ezine. I also write for Bukisa rather than Ezine because we can generate money from there. If you are interested, join Bukisa here.