The Phallus Fallacy

Love Thy Foreskin:

I adore mine and would like to retain this protective skin all the way down to my grave. God designed the labia minora and the labia majora to protect highly sensitive erogenous zones of the female clitoris and vaginal passage, and likewise designed the foreskin on the male glans penis as a biological necessity. He of course told certain religious groups to strictly follow male circumcision which is again another story.

Male Circumcision– a Western Fallacy?

I was horrified to learn through a US-Online Medical Bulletin Board that the average American Male, irrespective of his religion, feels Sexually Inadequate without a surgically done circumcision?! That the majority of Adult American Males have undergone a circumcision of the penis foreskin came as a shocking revealation. Well, the American Medical fraternity should be blamed for propagating circumcision as a Male Sexual Necessity. Nothing could be further from The Truth as foreskins not only provide a protective skin cover but also help retain the highly sensitive and erogenous nerves of the purple glans penis till a ripe old age.

The Indian Scenario:

In the land of Kamasutra, the majority of Indian  Males retain their God-given Foreskins for life. Circumcisions are a rarity and is done only in acute cases of Phimosis where surgery of the penis foreskin is the only way out. As a matter of rule, religious minorities carry out Male Circumcision as prescribed in their religious texts. Before an Indian boy reaches puberty, he is aware of retracting the foreskin and cleaning the prepuce with soap and water. In fact this ritual is a part of his daily bath which is done twice a day. Indians with their foreskins on are virile, fertile and a picture of Sexual Adequacy with their female partners and the large Indian population speaks for itself.


Just as circumcision of the female clitoris is an unwarranted intrusion on Female Sexuality, circumcision of the male foreskin is totally unnecessary from the Male Biological and Sexual point of view. Western societies cultivating such stupid myths and fallacies are only playing into the hands of commercial exploiters with exaggerated concerns in the name of Health.