The Phychology of Politics

The Phychology of Politics

In observing the current state of our nation with our financial woos.and other problems I feel that if we go to the beginning

when the nation was formed we will find the answer. The key,I feel is the way ,and why,it was formed,

Like it ,or not our nation was set up with a healthy dose of distrust. There are three branches of goverment set up to cross

check each other ,and prevent abuse of power.After all.its the man with the most power that can do the most damage.

We have been watching the small time criminals in the streets ,when we should have been watching the big ones in the house!

We at work hate micromanagement,but honestly why? Because then we can’t goof off ,take breaks,and milk the clock .After all ,if I’m doing

a good job ,watching me might get me promoted right?

We all want to be buddies with the big guy ,so if he says “NO REGULATION” we’ll scream it right beside him! But I’m

being regulated everyday,on my job,traffic court, the many ,many laws they pass each year. Now in most cases all of this small scale

stuff don’t apply to super rich people ,and companies. So why are they screaming we want small Government ,and no regulating.

For the same reason you hate micromanagement,because when theres eyes on you,you must follow the rules, And thats why we are where

we are today. Now the harsh reality is we need to start actually living the lives we have been claiming to live! To do that unfortunately

closer scrutiny must occur. Now you might say who will watch the Government? As shocking as it may sound to the average citizen,thats your job!

One that you have been disencouraged to do. As a result you feel powerless,and stop using your power. That being if they ‘re not doing the job correctly,

kick them out! The average person may be honest,but to what degree. Here’s a test, for one day,and one day only its going to still be illegal, but we will not arrest,detain ,jail,

or keep records of people that rob,steal.or take money from banks. Just for 24 hrs ,no consequences. Now take a good look at that picture,and realize thats

what occurs to some degree at the top. Then if you add colaboration you have a real situation So it is not the ability of our society that is the problem.

The problem is the integity of the people seeking out positions of power. In a simpiler time,this simple fact was more safely guarded.

We take it for granite if they hold a lofty position they had to be adequitely checked out. But we live in a sophisocated world now , Marketing has rose to the level of

mass hypnosis,and most everything is for sale. So the citizentry has to catch up,and reel it all in ,or the future could be bleek. The next generation fortunately

will be analizing this in thier college classes ,and that I believe is our saving grace ,education about the different methods of attacks on democracy.

The revolution may not come from an outside enemy with bombs ,missiles ,or biological weapons. Maybe its coming from an enemy within . An enemy that don’t like

our way of life , and never did ,but now has become smart enough to change us , our way of thinking, our beliefs, the things we stand for.Without firing a shot.

I mean what if this is a actual plan. Its something we can’t afford to take lightly<

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