The Player

The movie “The Player” is a Hollywood movie, released in the year 1992, is based on the crimes that are prevalent in Hollywood. Here Tim Robbins works in the Hollywood and does the work of selection of scripts for the movies. During his job he once rejects a script and after that he receives anonymous threat calls. He feels that he is receiving those threat calls from the writer, Vincent D’Onofrio whose script he has rejected. Also at the same time another person Peter Gallagher starts work at the studio, his works and functions seem in a manner that he is going to take the work away from Tim Robbins.

When those calls did not stop coming he once confronts Vincent and accuses him that he is sending him those anonymous threat messages. And in the process they both enter in to a fight and Tim kills Vincent. The investigation in to the matter starts and after that the fingers of suspicion start to point towards Tim. Well that is the not the end of the story – the threats seem not to stop even after that.

Is Tim convicted of the crime? Who is sending those threat messages? How will Tim deal with all these problems? To know what happened next you have to see the movie.

My thoughts about the movie-

1. Michael Tolkin is the writer of a Novel “The Player”. This movie is based on that novel and the director of this movie is Robert Altman.

2. In this movie there are a lot of cameo appearances from different Hollywood personalities. There are over more than three scores of such appearance in the movie. You could find people like Julia Roberts to Bruce Wills in the movie and the biggest thing is that all the people are playing their original parts in the movie. This movie is shot in various locales of Hollywood which are very frequently used by the production houses.

3. This movie pictures the real Hollywood. All shorts of things that happen in Hollywood are shown in the movie. This movie is a critique of the things that happen in Hollywood.

4. Apart from the main characters there are also parts played by Fred Ward, Whoopi Goldberg (plays the role of the police investigator), Brion James, Cynthia Stevenson (who plays the role of Tim’s girl friend.)

5. Despite being distributed by a low profile production house the movie made it to the hearts of the film critics and won nice reviews from them.

And more importantly all these features make the movie a must watch!