The Pointless Living

When people veil their weaknesses with the curtain of excuses, they generally come up with the idea – “Everything is pre-decided. The fiasco happened because it was bound to.” With that thought they mask their blunders and abscond the scene. The thing is, whoever has given that idea might not have thought about the fact that if everything in this universe is pre-decided then what is the point of it all. If everything in this life is set then what is the meaning of living this life. When everything has been figured out before then why are we reliving the same boring life again and again.

We often hide our inabilities with a mask of clichés and one of them is that everything has been set before. Everything is supposed to go the way someone has mapped ere. While we escape with those maxims we hardly brood upon. Have we ever pondered even though we say that how meaningless, in the long run are we making our lives? How trifle are we making our lives by using such notions and by implementing them? We tend to relax because of such maxim which is a dangerous thing. It might make us lethargic, it might slow our progress rate or it might spoil our attitude towards everything. The thing of precedence should be getting rid of excuses.

If we wouldn’t be able to change our destiny then how stupid this life would seem to be. If the destiny and each and every path leading to the destiny has been set earlier then what fun would be there to live a life like that. Not to be able to change destiny, I think that is the real bummer.

I wish ‘they’ are not true. None of their assumptions should be true otherwise we would all be stuck in a loop living the same old meaningless life without ever complaining because we wouldn’t know.

To be able to take challenges and unforeseen risks makes life adventurous while the thrill and the suspense of fulfilling one’s desire steals the show. I don’t want this fact to change.